Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations Ministry of Justice :
  1. Procedures Law.
  2. Criminal Procedure Law.
  3. The legal system.


Rules and Regulations The Ministry of Commerce and Industry :
  1. Controls for Setting up Real Estate Schemes
  2. Free Professions' Decisions
  3. Imports Licenses
  4. List of Local and Foreign Exhibitions
  5. Organization of Consumer's Protection Association
  6. Regulation for Implementing Health and Phyto-Health Measurements
  7. Regulation of Organizing Real Estate Offices
  8. Regulation on Protecting Classified Commercial Information
  9. Regulation Organizing Practicing of Follow up Profession
  10. Regulation Organizing Saudi-Foreign Business Councils
  11. Regulation Organizing Selling of Real Estate units on a Map
  12. Terms and Conditions of Licensing to Hold Charitable Fairs
  13. Terms of Practicing Consultancy Profession in the Domain of Communications and IT
  14. Terms of Practicing Consultancy Profession in the Domain of Communications and IT
  15. Systems And Regulations
  16. Accredited Assessors' System
  17. Anti-Commercial Fraud Law
  18. Anti-Concealment Law
  19. Anti-Dumping Unified Law
  20. Boycott of Israel Law
  21. Chemical Materials Importing and its Management Law
  22. Commercial Agencies Law
  23. Commercial and Industrial Chambers' Law
  24. Commercial Books Law
  25. Commercial Data Law
  26. Commercial Mortgage Law
  27. Commercial Names' Law
  28. Commercial Papers Law
  29. Commercial Register Law
  30. Common Industrial Regulatory Law
  31. Companies' Law
  32. Competition Law
  33. Foreign Investment Law
  34. GCC Unified Commercial Policy Law
  35. Hotels and Housing Units Law
  36. Intellectual Property law
  37. Law of Calibration and Measurement
  38. Law of Sale by Installment
  39. Law of Settlement Preventing Bankruptcy
  40. Law of the Saudi Council of Engineers
  41. MCI Jurisdiction Regulation
  42. Precious Metals and Noble Stones Law
  43. Private Laboratories' Law
  44. Professional Companies' Law
  45. Protection and Encouragement of National Industries' Law
  46. Public Warehousing Law
  47. Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization
  48. Statute of Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON)
  49. The Commercial Court Law
  50. The Law of Arbitration
  51. The Law of Chartered Accountants
  52. Trade Mark Law


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