who we are

We are a Saudi company licensed attorneys in the areas of consulting and legal legitimacy, arbitration and consulting Islamic banking

License No. 149/27



Our Vision :

The pursuit of justice, and promoting Islamic banking practices .


Our Mission :

Providing the legal and arbitration services to a level that assures the rights-holders to collect their rights, activating the judicial system, contributing to disseminate the culture of human rights, and achieving harmony between theory and practice in Islamic banking business in accordance to the vision of the true Islamic legitimacy.


Our Goals :

  • To provide legal advisory and arbitration services in accordance to the highest standards of professional performance.
  • To contribute to resolving disputes arbitration in order to achieve the winning of all parties of conflict in a fast manner.
  • To improve the work of Islamic banking to the stage where it becomes a fully integrated and independent model that easy to apply.
  • To build a strong relationship with all clients.