General Supervisor


Our local and international partners:

Dr.Hamza Bin Hussein Alfier Al-Shareef, acting as General Supervisor of the Office of Prof. Hamza. H. Alshareef

  • Member in several charities and Holy Qu’ran Memorization Societies.
  • Former Professor of Principles of Jurisprudence at Umm Al-Qura University.
  • Member & Expert in several jurisprudential institutions.
  • Member & Chairman of several Shariah Boards in financial institutions.
  • Lawyer and adviser to the international arbitratior
  • Member of the Saudi Jurisprudence Society.
  • Member of Bank AlJazira’s Sharia Committee.
  • Expert at the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).
  • Member of the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Muslim World League.
  • Member of the European Council for Fatwa.
  • Member of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America.
  • Director of the Saudi Jurisprudence Society.
  • Member in several Shari'ah Supervisory Boards in Banks and Islamic financial institutions.






Academic Conferences & Forums

He has taken part in academic conferences and forums both in and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • Forum focused on Media and Security hosted by the Arab Institute for Security Studies and Training.
  • Forum on Human Rights held at the premises of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
  • Islamic Thought Forum held in Algeria.
  • Conference themed ‘’ Barriers to Scientific Research ‘’ ,in collaboration with the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) and Yarmouk University in Jordan .
  • Islamic Endowments Conference, Ministry of Islamic Affairs.
  • Conference on Dawah (Call to Islam ) and Muslim Preachers.
  • Conference on Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam held at the Yarmouk University.


Publications & Researches

He has discussed and supervised several MA and PhD Theses

He has several published and unpublished books, researches and academic papers such as:

  1. Causality and its impact on the provisions of Fikh (MA thesis).
  2. Youth Issues in Focus.
  3. Abridged explanatory Review Edition of the Book entitled ‘’ Raudat-un-Naadhir’’ authored by the Alaaeddin Al Knany (PhD Thesis).
  4. Review Edition of the book entitled ‘’Hukm Bilsiha and Hukm bi Almojab ‘’ authored by Siraj Eddin Albolkiny.
  5. Review Edition of the book entitled ‘’Hukm Bilsiha and Hukm bi Almojab ‘’ authored by Al-hafez Aliraqi.


II: Academic Researches and Studies
  1. Ijtihad (it denotes the thorough exertion of a jurist's mental faculty in finding a solution to a legal question) & Taqlid ((literally, ‘blind adherence').
  2. Rules on Waqf Long Lease Rents.
  3. Legal Rules on Margin Trading
  4. Global Crisis and Shariah-compliant Speculation as an alternative to banking deposits and commercial insurance.
  5. Global Financial Crisis –Methodological Perspective.
  6. Fundamentals & Norms of Scientific Criticism.
  7. Media is the gateway to Security in Communities.
  8. Adherence to Islamic School of Thought (Madhab) –Concepts in religious liberties from an Islamic perspective.
  9. Overseas Stock exchanges and dealings with the same from an Islamic perspective.
  10. Suggested Solutions for the repercussions of inflation from an Islamic perspective.
  11. Health Insurance.
  12. Identifying adulthood and its impact upon reaching the age of discretion.
  13. Investigating the new expansion works of Masa'a.
  14. Entertainment in Muslim communities: limitations and Goals.
  15. Coexistence among Muslims and other religions.
  16. Changes in Fatwas and their impact on business activities and Islamic banking.
  17. Principle of ease in Hajj.
  18. loopholes in the global financial crisis.
  19. Islamic Culture: exploring realities and prospects for the future.
  20. Prisoners' rights in Islam.
  21. Provisions pertaining to access to positive law in areas of financial transactions.
  22. Ruling on trading in international commodities.
  23. ruling on dealings with shares of mixed enterprises.
  24. Ruling on changes in currency value.
  25. Ruling on taking on offices in centers and societies: Muslim marriage contracts and dissolution of their marriages.
  26. Ruling on endowing shares, securities and intangible rights.
  27. Disciplined dialogue and its significance in the call to Allah.
  28. Islamic Discourse between Stagnation and Invalidation (readings in fundamentals of the correct and corrupt interpretations of the Qura’n and Sunna Texts).
  29. No-fault divorce (khula) and its legal and jurisprudential provisions.
  30. Methodoligical approach towards developing and reconstructing Islamic banking.
  31. The Rabbaniyyun (the scholars who are in positions of authority) are heirs of prophethood and are tasked with great responsibility.
  32. Deindexation process.
  33. Ramadan and Good Tidings.
  34. Youth and Corporate Responsibility.
  35. Cooperative Insurance Companies.
  36. Guarantees of Islamic Sukuks.
  37. Legal Norms for Plastic Surgeries.
  38. Social ties and visitation relations between Muslims and Non-Muslims in the West.
  39. Student loans granted to pursue studies, life insurance, concealing the economic activities among social insurance beneficiaries in the West , sale of counterfeited products.
  40. Value of time in Islamic Jurisprudence.
  41. Suitability in marriage.
  42. how do academic institutions play a key part in raising public awareness of the heritage of Ahl al-Bayt and the Prophet’s Companions.
  43. Unmarriageable women in Islam.
  44. The guardian’s right in the event of the ward’s illness.
  45. Issues in the jurisprudence of Personal Status.
  46. Muslim’s participation in minority societies from a political and social perspective.
  47. Discussions on Fatwa of Islamic Research Academy on Riba in the light of Islam.
  48. Comparasion between both books of Al-Ashbah wa-al-Nazar'r authored by al-Suyuti & Ibn Nujaym.
  49. Banking deposits: jurisprudential approach.
  50. Waqf and Will : Islamic introduction.


He has taken part in several lectures, forums and conferences